SB Holidays was formed with the primary interest of providing First Class service in this hospitality field.  We have done extensive market survey and employed highly experienced staff from the field of Aviation. 

To solidify our belief, our initial few months after the soft opening proved to be of great success and we strengthened ourselves not just to be positive in our beliefs, but also in generating considerable revenue. 

SB Holidays is internally divided into the following sections:

  • Travel & Leisure
  • Cargo, and
  • Flight Chartering
  • Logistics (Sea, Air and Land)

Travel & Leisure:

Rest and enjoyment are a miraculous natural medicinal balm that cures our physical, emotional imbalances and makes us ready for the next day’s challenges. It revives and rejuvenates our spirit and makes us refueled with fresh new energy.

The people in the contemporary world are most tension ridden than ever, be it they are personal, occupational, business-related or due to the characteristic nature of the times we are living in. Most of the people are often in need of a diversionary break from their backbreaking work and monotonous routine.

Now shrug off all your tensions, burdens, obligations, dawn to dusk irksome works and other preoccupations. SB Group has added wings to its other division—SB Holidays, exclusively fashioned for you. Getting the first hand information on the alluring packages offered, you would surely feel that your entry into SB Holidays is the promising exit to a fantastic flight of almost paradisiacal proportions.

With the enviable service in the hospitality field, with highly experienced staff in the Aviation field, SB Holidays takes utmost care to see that you are in the midst of a wonderland, tasting the nectar of ecstasy, enjoying uninterrupted time of your own, throughout the journey, in all your sojourns and right from the take off to the touch down.

And so here is a big welcome to you to our domain. SB Holidays would gladly arrange for your escape from the monotony into the Utopian world of flawless and truly pleasant holidaying. We are sure—as it should be—at the end of the trip, you would be nostalgic, but with sweet reminiscences that will make you shoulder any task ahead and all through the days.

Travel & Leisure Activities

  • Ticketing
  • Tour packages
  • Holiday planning
  • World Wide Hotel Reservations
  • Luxury Cruises
  • Umrah Packages
  • Safaris
  • MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions