1. General Trading & Contracting Company (SBGTC)

Salah Behbehani General Trading & Contracting Company (SBGTC) had humbly initiated its activities by undertaking Food Stuffs and other related supplies to the US Armed Forces in Kuwait. Later its trading activities spread to other areas of the Middle East region.

We have strong affiliation with companies that can provide crude oil and its by-products.


SBGTC - We deliver the world to your doorstep

SBGTC deals with the transportation of all cargo by the following means:

  • Air
  • Sea
  • Land

We give utmost importance to the safe transportation of all cargo at every point of its movement and due attention is rightly focused on the delivery of the goods in the scheduled time. Every care is taken to see that our concern for safety and time schedules is as good as yours.


Our mission is to work in partnership with international airfreight forwarders and agents by providing them efficient services at competitive prices, whilst ensuring the highest safety standards.

Salah Behbehani Group has spread its wings on the foundation of its own considerable expertise in logistic and transportation to provide cutting-edge air cargo and passenger services.

We deliver into war zones, desert lands and wherever our clients rely on our efficiency and commitment to get the job done across the globe. SBGTC has the people, the resources, and technology in place to ensure that nothing stands in between your shipment getting from Point A to Point B in the fastest time – carefully and efficiently.

From military to manufacturing, the world is going via SBGTC, because whatever the cargo – we deliver on time, every time.

Type of Aircraft Used

SBGTC (along with our partners) presently conducts cargo charters from Dubai to west and east African points, and from India & Sri Lanka to middle eastern points using:

  • Antanov 24 passenger
  • Antanov 12 Freighter (AN 12F)
  • Ilyushin 76 TD Freighter (IL – 76TD F)
  • Boeing 707 – 320 Freighters (B707 F)
  • Boeing 747 – 200 Freighters (B747 – 200F)


SBGTC has successfully operated on the following routes with the specific aircraft type suited for that particular route:

  • AN 12/ IL76 DXB – BGW
  • AN 12 (W) – KWI – BGW
  • AN 12  (W)- SHJ – TRV-CMB
  • B747 – 200F – HRE – AMS
  • IL – 76 TD F – KWI – LOS, SHJ – ABV, SHJ-EDL
  • AN  24  KWI – BGW ( Have done 7 rotation)
  • Additionally adhoc charters are operating to destinations in Iraq, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Middle East.

Trust us to find the right solution…

  • Simply – one call is all it takes
  • Quickly – delivery
  • Professionally – your charter flight is closely monitored from start to finish
  • Cost-effectively – our correct solutions provide value for money
  • Efficiently – we source the best and right aircraft for your needs
  • Anywhere – we operate throughout the world
  • Anytime – we’re here 24/7/365 days a year
  • Responsively – aircraft can be airborne in an hour

Flight Chartering:

Flight Chartering of both cargo and passengers is currently concentrating into neighboring countries like Iraq & Afghanistan and limiting to the world.